“Collaborate” is an institution for rewarding collaborations between Industrial Organizations and Research Organizations (Universities & Research Institutes). The goal is to motivate Technological Partnerships in order to transfer knowledge between organizations and also to develop efficiently new / innovative products and services.

An indirect goal is the continuation, the expansion, and the promotion throughout the year of the partnerships developed within the annual Technology Forum (, as well as the collaborations which are not coming from the Technology Forum itself.

There are two kinds of collaborations: Technology partnerships (technological contribution from every organization within the collaboration) or Trade Collaborations (marketing of technology solutions) or both. The collaborations of both forms are considered more complete, without this to be necessary.

Organizers of the “Collaborate” are: the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece(SEPVE), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), the National Center for Research and Technological Development (CERTH), the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), the Alexandria Innovation Zone, the University of Macedonia (UOM), the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), the PRAXI Network (PN), the International University of Greece (IHU), the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH), Enterprise Greece (EG), the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece (SEVE), the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SBBE), and the Ministry of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace).

B. Prerequisites

The conditions for participating in the “Collaborate” are:

• The cooperation developed should include applications and tools of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
• The minimum number of affiliates is two.
• Co-operation has to be in progress for the last 3 years.
• There is no limitation on the type of partner organizations, but it is positive if there are carriers from both the industry and the Research area (as previously defined).

C. Timetable

Important dates of “Collaborate” are:

• 17/01/2017: Institution Announcement – Invitation to participate
• 31/03/2017: Expiration of participation declarations
• 05/05/2017: Announcement of holdings evaluation
• 17/05/2017: Awards Announcement

D. Evaluation Committee

The bureau of the evaluation committee is:

• Chairman: Mitkas Periklis, Rector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
• Vice-Chairman: Angelidis Pantelis, President of AZZ
• Vice-Chairman: Kagelidis Konstantinos, President of SEPBE

E. Rewarding participants

The reward will be both financial and through promotion of the participants. More specifically: Partnerships will be promoted in the following ways:

1. At the 4th Technology Forum
A. A ten-minute presentation of the first Co-operation
B. Awarding the first three Partnerships and a short (3 min) presentation of the second and third Co-operation
C. Presentation of all participations in poster session in the foyer

2. On sites
A. Presentation of the first three entries on the Technology Forum site

3. General
A. Promotion of the top three Co-operations through media

F. Submission procedure

The cooperating organizations must submit the application form to the following e-mail address: The submissions are: ‘Contact Person Name’, ‘Coordinating Organization’, ‘E-mail’, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Application Form’ (which is described in paragraph G) which must be in PDF format.

G. Registration form (PDF file)

Each registration form consists of: Summary, Description of the solution, Complementarity and experience of the development team, Impact of the solution and evaluated on the basis of the last three axes. More specifically, the registration form includes:

1) Summary (to be published): Short description of the cooperation (bodies, subject), (maximum half-page).

2) Description of the solution (confidential): A clear description of the problem, objectives and vision of the project resulting from the cooperation, basic functionality and technologies involved (technological description of the solution produced), the maturity of the developed system Demo / installed software system, etc.) (maximum 3 pages)

3) Additionality and experience of the development team (confidential):
A. Description of the organizations involved in the co-operation, description of the activity of each entity within the project, cooperation development process (e.g. via TechnologyForum, through a Link) (maximum 1 page per operator).
B. Description of the complementarity of the organizations and the benefits of the cooperation in the project (e.g. reduction of the total resources, exchange of know-how) (maximum 2 pages).

4) Impact of the solution (confidential): Description of the market dynamics and the results of the solution (e.g. new customers, new markets or turnover of the solution), description of the process of improving the competitiveness of the involved entities, and future perspectives for cooperation and the resulting solution (maximum 2 pages).

H. Information

For information on Collaborate, you can contact:

  • SEPVE Fotini Petmeza 2310365130
  • AUTh Sofia Tsakiri 2310994034
  • CERTH Chrysoula Katsikaki 2310498157
  • AZK Lida Papadzikas 2310379341
  • UOM Tina Arvanitaki 2310891864
  • RCM Elina Syritzidou 2313319909
  • SEVE Marinos Tsagarakis 2310535333
  • Praxis Network Vagia Piteli 2312552791
  • ATEITH Pericles Chatzimisios 2310013024