Technology Forum mainly concerns the members of its organizing communities (but also anyone else who is interested) and its main reason of existence is to present technologies that could be used to produce innovative products and services in order the scientific committee to both select and configure the presentations. Indicative technological topics which have been presented at the Forum are: advanced infrastructure and cloud services, applications and services for smartphone devices, advanced voice recognition techniques, applications and services which are using near-field communication technology (NFC, RFID etc.), advanced simulation techniques of systems and attitudes, image and video editing, computer vision, optical analytical techniques, advanced services based on satellite sensing, machine translation, etc. Wider technological areas of interest are mentioned in Technology Forum has included about 12 presentations (15 minutes each), which were selected by the scientific committee.

Microsoft Hellas, Oracle, Java community of Thessaloniki, and MLS Informatics had been confirmed as keynote speakers of the Forum.

At the end of the Forum, the round table took place with subject “Technological partnerships developed between the 15 communities-hosts in the last 3 years and their future goals”. Mr. Kostas Tramatzas (Thessinnozone) was the moderator.

  • Kollia-Tsaroucha Maria (Ministry of the interior)
  • Kyprianidou Matrona (General Secretary of Research and Technology)
  • Tzitzikostas Apostolos (Region of Central Macedonia)
  • Mpoutaris Ioannis (Mayor of Thessaloniki)
  • Mitkas Pericles (Auth Rector)
  • Konstantopoulos Athanasios (CERTH President)
  • Zapranis Achilleas (UOM Rector)
  • Loufakis Kyriakos (SEVE President)
  • Savvakis Athanasios (SBBE President)
  • Grammenos Konstantinos (IHU Rector)
  • Varsamidis Konstantinos (ATEITH President)
  • Kgelidis Konstantinos (SEPVE President)
  • Agelidis Pantelis (Thessinnozone President)
  • Staikos Christos (Enterprise Greece President)
  • Karniouras Panagiotis (Praxi Network President)


  • 01/03/2017-31/03/2017: Submission of the abstracts
  • 01/04/2017-24/04/2017: Selection of the presentations and making the final program by the Scientific Committee
  • 25/04/2017-10/05/2017: Submission of the presentations by the participating companies
  • 17/05/2017: Technology Forum

Scientific and Organizing Committee:

  • Kagelidis Konstantinos, Vamvalis Kosmas, Antoniou Maria, Petmeza Foteini (SEPVE)
  • Symeonidis Andreas, Salmatzidis Ioannis (AUTH)
  • Ioannidis Dimosthenis, Katsiadakis Nikolaos (CERTH)
  • Gogolidis Vasileios, Gypakis Antonios (GSRT)
  • Tramatzas Konstantinos, Papatzika Lida (Thessinnozone)
  • Vlachopoulou Maro, Fouskas Konstantinos, Stiakakis Manolis (UOM)
  • Mpalla Kalliopi, Pleksidas Apostolos, Syritzidou Elina (RCM)
  • Piteli Vagia (Praxis Network)
  • Berberidis Christos, Achillas Charisios (DIPAE)
  • Chatzimissios Pericles (ATEITH)
  • Michalopoulou Agela (EG)
  • Tsagarakis Marinos (SEVE)
  • Mpensason Simos, Tsitlakidis Charalampos (Municipality of Thessaloniki)


SEPVE Foteini Petmetza 2310-365.130
AUTH Sofia Tsakiri 2310-994.034
CERTH Chrysoula Katsikaki 2310-498.157
Thessinnozone Lida Papatzika 2310-379.341
UOM Tina Arvanitaki 2310-891.864
RCM Elina Syritzidou 2313-319.909
Praxis Network Vagia Piteli 2312-552.791
ATEITH Pericles Chatzimissios, 2310 013.024
SEVE Marinos Tsagarakis 2310-535.333