Prospects and obstacles for the adoption of digital technologies in Greek Agriculture

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Dr. Filippos Papadopoulos holds a PhD from London School of Economics and M.A. in International Relations from the University of Sussex; he is currently the Director of the Strategic Project Management Office of the American Farm School (AFS). In this capacity he is responsible for the Agrifood Entrepreneurship Centres run by AFS in the cities of Thessaloniki and Kalamata, and oversees training and consultancy projects in over thirty locations throughout Greece. In addition, he is coordinating the Internet of Food Alliance (InoFA) vertically integrated cluster and oversee the AFS private LoRa pilot/ research development throughout Greece.   Building and managing multi-actor alliances between research institutes, civil society institutions and the real economy is one of his core activities. His fields of interest include Diffusion of Technical Innovation, Community of Practice Building, Consumer Behavior, Food Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Organisational Culture & Climate, Leadership and Management.

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