Why do (some) Startups succeed? Avoiding mistakes and facing Challenges | Lefteris Papageorgiou, CEO, Entranet Inc

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The dawn of 21st century showed a global boom on startups. Thousands, even millions of young entrepreneurs wanted to follow the examples of great entrepreneurs that changed the world. The startup movement was based on success stories of very famous startupers. But nobody said that these success stories were only the top of the big iceberg that usually holds its larger side inside the deep waters. In other words, there is little warning that only very few startups succeed while the most of them fail to respond to their promises. What are the common mistakes that a lot of startups do? What are the main challenges that they face? What are the reasons of their failure or success? These questions and many more I will try to answer in this presentation.

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Lefteris Papageorgiou, CEO of Entranet Inc, has more than 20 years of experience in construction and sustainable energy projects. He has been a successful entrepreneur with 17 ventures in different areas of construction, renewable energy and technology. Many of the companies he founded were acquired by European Investors. He studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where he received his Master’s of Science in civil engineering. Lefteris is running the entire spectrum of the Company’s (Florida, London and Thessaloniki) day-to-day operations.

Under his guidance Entranet has been awarded with the National Championship in Innovation 2014-2015 for Greece by the European Business Awards and received the ‘’Seal of Excellence’’ from the European Commission for its research.

Lefteris published his first book on entrepreneurship: ‘’Startups. An idea to the global market’’, on December 2018.


3.3 Why do (some) Startups succeed - Avoiding mistakes and facing Challenges

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