Scenarios for enhanced Mobile Broadband and V2X Service Demonstrations in Real-Life Setups and Trials, within a Joint EU-China Framework

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Dr. Ioannis P. Chochliouros (male) graduated from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, holding also a M.Sc. (D.E.A.) & a Ph.D. (Doctorat) from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), France. His practical experience as an engineer has been mainly in Telecommunications, as well as in various constructive projects in Greece and the wider Balkan area. Since 1997 he has worked at the Competition Department and as an engineer-consultant of the Chief Technical Officer of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A. (OTE). He has been very strongly involved in major OTE’s national and international business activities, as a specialist-consultant for technical and regulatory affairs, especially for the evaluation and the adoption of innovative e-Infrastructures and e-Services in Greece and abroad. He has also served as the Head of Technical Regulations Dept. of OTE’s Division for Standardisation and Technical Regulations, representing OTE in international standardisation for a and he has been involved in an enormous variety of issues regarding European and international standardisation, with emphasis on modern technologies. In addition, he has also worked as an independent consultant in the scope of several European and/or international research and business studies. Since 2005, he is the Head of OTE’s Fixed Network R&D Programs Section and has been involved in different national, European and international R&D projects and market-oriented activities, many of which have received international awards. During his professional career, he has participated either as coordinator or as a scientist-researcher in more than 62 European and national research programs, some of which have received distinctive awards. He is author/co-author of three international books and he has published more than 250 distinct scientific or business papers/reports in the international literature (book chapters and articles in magazines, journals and conferences proceedings), especially for technical, business and regulatory options arising from innovative e-Infrastructures and e-Services. He is an expert in project management activities with an extensive experience in EU-funded projects where he has very successfully exercised coordinator’s duties (e.g., 5G-PPP 5G ESSENCE, 5G-PPP SESAME, Privacy-Flag, LiveCity, D-SPACE). He is also an active participant of various international and national associations, both of scientific and business nature. Dr. Chochliouros has also performed an extended educational activity in Greece and in France, in cooperation with Universities and other high-level Institutes, covering a broad variety of issues in the scope of modern e-communications. He is participating in 5G-PPP Steering Board as Project Coordinator of SESAME and the 5G ESSENCE projects. Recently he has received the distinctive award of being a member of the IPv6 Hall of Fame.

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