The 7th Technology Forum will take place virtually at 1/12/2020

In the modern economic environment, competitiveness is relied upon the development of innovative products. Knowledge combined with the right technological tools are key elements in the process of developing innovative products & services. Knowledge of such tools exists in both industrial bodies (ΙCΤ & other industries) as well as in research organisations (Universities & Research Centres). Therefore, their collaboration is important towards developing innovative products with international perspective. In this context, 19 bodies have joined forces to organize a series of congresses under the name “Technology Forum”.

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TIF HELEXPO joined forces with the Technology Forum in the framework of Beyond 4.0 the new IT exhibition .    The trade fair is hosted in the grounds of Helexpo, in Thessaloniki, in an area of 25.000sqm that will host more than 2.500 stakeholders: big corporates and start-ups, research centers and universities, designers and developers, investors and venture capitalists, community enablers and government officials. All of them will have the chance to pitch their ideas, present their products or services, network, with related parties, explore potential business opportunities and live human to human experiences.

The trade fair aims to serve as the main stage where next-generation innovations and technology are introduced to the marketplace.

BEYOND 4.0 is addressed to all stakeholders interested to explore the new transaction methods, to discover new innovative products and to get to know the new services in Industry 4.0.

Beyond 4.0 parallel events during 4 days will connect people, founders, innovators and companies redefining the tech industry offering knowledge and networking opportunities. A top-tier content in the areas of Innovation and technology, where thought leaders present the most transformative ideas shaping our future.

An unconventional program with several thematic pillars where keynote speakers and pioneers from top tier international institutions, governmental representatives, corporates and start-ups will present the trends of the new tech era.

In parallel, the events features specially designed panels, seminars and workshops, tailor made around exponential improvement and innovation enabling advances and causing disruptions across an ever-expanding range of industries, functions, and disciplines.

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