Selma Prodanovic

Founder of 1MillionStartups
and Invest Austria

Selma Prodanovic

Named “Startup-Grande-Dame” by the media, Selma is a globally celebrated keynote speaker, advisor, and thought leader. In 2022 and 2023, she was recognized “Europe’s Most Influential Women in the Startup & VC Space.”

As the Vice President of EBAN and the founder of the SDG platform 1MillionStartups, Selma has been a pivotal figure in shaping the startup and angel investing ecosystem across Europe over the last two decades.

Selma initiated the EBAN “Manifesto for a Gender Balanced Angel Investing Ecosystem,” hosted the insightful “Masters of Angel Investing” interview series, and teaches entrepreneurship at various universities.

Her passion for creating a better future is evident in her constant efforts to present new ways to empower entrepreneurs and angel investors, leaving a significant imprint on the industry.