Technology Forum Matchmaking Event 2019.

Technology Forum invites participants to the Technology Forum 2019 Matchmaking Event, which will be organised by PRAXI Network, co-ordinator of Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas.

The matchmaking event aims to promote business, technological and research partnerships bringing together the vivid ICT community from Greece, South-East European countries and beyond. Innovative companies, universities, research centers and other organisations active in the wide ICT sector are invited to expand their network, explore new ideas and develop cooperation potential following a programme of pre-arranged meetings.

The event focuses on ICT technologies such as big data, cloud computing, machine learning, etc. and ICT applications in smart cities, energy, healthcare, education and more.

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B2B meetings organized as part of the Technology forum is a top-notch opportunity to meet possible counterparts for establishing research or commercial collaboration.

By participating two consecutive years, we were happy to witness the strengthening of its international character with many new participants originating from countries aside Greece. Taking part on the B2B meetings allowed us to get in touch with potential clients and partners and enabled us to meet with governmental and policy-maker institutes that otherwise wouldn’t have been easy and conduct fruitful discussions.

Although the event is being held in a nice building with all the modern commodities provided, an area with more accessible parking will be highly appreciated for those that are visiting from distance, in order to participate. Punctuality on delivering the schedule will also help to better organize participation on both B2B meeting and the IT Congress.

Konstantinos Kalampokis
Terracom Informatics Ltd

For more information please contact:
Ms. Vaya Piteli, +30 2310 552790-1,

Ms. Patty Panagopoulou, +30 2610 620 815,